Amazon DSP advertising
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Programmatic Advertisingist on the rise! Targeting with Amazon’s First Party Data and automated buying of digital advertising space with Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) allows you to reach your customers in every situation. Despite the limited access to Amazon DSP, ameo gives you access to all Programmatic features including total transparency.

Amazon Advertising in
the customer journey.

The right measures must be taken at every stage of the marketing funnel along the customer journey. With the ameo experts, you get the know-how paired with experience to provide the right approach for your customers in every situation.



Get your advertising message across to men and women with creative ads. Whether image or video format, dynamic or static banners or even an A/B test: the optimal settings for every situation.


Online shopping often means comparing products. Don’t get sidelined with interested customers and thus out of the customer’s focus.


Closing the sale. Convincing customers who are about to make a decision to buy with the right measures.


Cross-selling and upselling existing customers offers enormous potential. Reach out to your loyal customers.

We analyze your Amazon setup.

The perfect advertising network with Programmatic Deals

Advertising is only as good as the advertising space on which it is played. Therefore, it is necessary to get high-quality advertising inventory. With a well-stocked partner network, you always get the quality you need through programmatic deals.

Synergy between search and
programmatic advertising

Coordinated measures and the linking of onsite and offsite advertising promise an effective approach along the entire customer journey. Only when advertising on Amazon is combined with advertising off Amazon can the full potential be achieved.

Why do i need an

Amazon Agency?

As a specialized Amazon agency, we place your brand and your products successfully on Amazon in the long term, despite increasing competition. With our service portfolio focused exclusively on this marketplace, expert knowledge and a lot of passion, we are happy to accompany you on your way to more success on this special channel.

Amazon consulting works.