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Why Amazon consulting?

Amazon is more than just a market place: it is a search engine for millions of products. This is why we offer a comprehensive and result-driven Amazon consulting toolbox. For us, comprehensive consulting means a holistic and successful market place management. We know and understand Amazon. With our professional know-how we help you to enhance your presentation on Amazon.

As specialized marketing agency, we place your brand and your products successfully and sustainable on the world’s most important online market place: Amazon. We’re able to look after and guide you when it comes to selling products on Amazon, comprehensively and effectively. In ameo you will find a company full of experts in all of the most important domains. Contact us today!

  • Premium Content

    Amazon is a market place, but at the same time it works as a search engine for millions of products. Within the frame of our Amazon consulting, we help you to satisfy your customers and work the search engine while considering all relevant factors. What follows is an increased visibility of your brand and your products. And of course more sales!

  • EBC & A+ Content

    Unlike classic product descriptions, A+ and EBC content relies on more detailed texts and meaningful, aesthetically-pleasing images. Finishing touches with a creative angle skillfully place the properties and preferences of an item into focus and increase their appeal enormously. Here, the brand pages consist of multiple modules, which can be arranged as desired. Whether these are for very complex products which require explaining or brand products whose image needs to be strengthened, creating the brand page will clear up any questions beforehand and allay any doubts that may still linger. Does that sound complicated? We would love to do it for you!

  • Visual buying incentives

    The first impression counts. Optimized content only becomes properly appealing if high-quality images are used. Professional images and videos present items in a much more attractive light than a photo on its own. The appetite is whetted, confidence inspired and sales figures boosted. Whether for a classical pack shot, professional mood image or 360° pictures, we put your detailed Amazon page with optimized image content in the right light: either using pictures supplied by you or enhanced with professional image series and videos, which you can book from us as part of your own package.

  • Brand Store

    With the Amazon Brand Store you feel like being in a real store. It’s a virtual, appealing shop window for your product range. Boosting your sales, it’s also important for brand building and winning new customers. Just present your brand appropriately and your awareness and traffic will increase measurably. You could create a brand store on your own, but that will eat your time and nerves. Trust our experience in structuring, designing and promoting a Brand Store with all its products.

  • Amazon SEA with PPC campaigns

    Alongside content optimization, Amazon also offers the opportunity to use sponsored products and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to increase the visibility of your own brand by running PPC ads. And there is even more: With the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) you can reach 80 % of German internet users on Amazon and the whole Amazon display network as well as in mobile apps through device crossing targeting and retargeting. We help you to complete the reach of your AMS campaigns. Increase your traffic to your Amazon landing page and products by addressing new target groups and improve your brand awareness across all devices.

  • Meaningful monitoring with the ameo dashboard

    Part and parcel of good consulting is precise monitoring. We always have an eye on the KPIs which are relevant to you and help you to measure and scale your success on Amazon. We show your entire Amazon shop in a clearly arranged online dashboard which provides as much detail as you need. What’s more, we relate your key figures to each other so that you can keep your hands on the wheel at all times.

  • Internationalization

    Are you planning to internationalize your brand and to sell your products into foreign countries? There’s hardly another platform that is as suitable as Amazon. The transfer of product lists into other countries is very easy. What could be a drawback in the first step, is the right content. We help you to take this step successfully. While translating, our native speakers take all important keywords and search behavior of the particular country into consideration and create copies that fit country-specific needs.

  • Offpage Optimization

    Offpage measures lead users who are not shopping or searching directly on Amazon to your Amazon product page. Ads on external websites can help you to increase your conversion and at the same time affect your organic ranking on Amazon positively.

  • Training & Workshops

    A certain know-how makes your business relationship with Amazon so much easier and even more profitable. If required, our ameo experts offer you intensive training and share their Amazon know-how with you. In our professional workshops, we impart basic knowledge as well as expertise. Depending on your level of knowledge and use case, we train your employees, too.

  • Consulting

    Based on your goals, we develop a holistic Amazon strategy and help you to be strongly successful. For that, we assume subtasks as well as the whole supervision of your market place presence. Here, we work closely with special service providers who offer us complementary technological solutions. We understand the growing presence of 3P providers on Amazon and a suitable strategic reaction for you as supplier as part of our broad Amazon consulting. Just talk to us and we’ ll create an individual offer which meets your needs.

  • Vendor-/Seller-Central-Handling

    Whether it is the opening of a support case, the setting of variables, responding to negative reviews or updating A+ content: We manage your Vendor or Seller central and offer you a full-service program. Thus, you don’t have to worry about it any more.