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Through our support of numerous manufacturers and brands in various countries we always keep an overview and share news as well as our gained knowledge with you. We invite you to join us for an exchange of ideas. Feel free to join us on LinkedIn to ask questions in advance and network with each other. You can also register via this website.



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More sales on Black Friday

In addition to the new features of the month, this webinar will focus on Black Friday and the following exciting questions: How did Black Friday become THE eCommerce event? What is special about so-called Deal Days on Amazon? What do companies need to consider when preparing for Black Friday? Thomas from LEAP also explains how your own landing page can boost your conversions through psychological nudges. Translated with (free version)
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Annual Plan 2022

The focus of this webinar, in addition to this month’s news, is on annual planning. What is the most useful way to analyze the past year? What key figures are there to consider? Which trends came along this year and play a relevant role for next year? What tools should you have on your radar? Our Senior Client Growth Manager Max will provide you with assistance and new input to round off your business year on Amazon in a meaningful way and to start the new year efficiently.

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As a specialized Amazon agency, we place your brand and your products successfully and sustainably on Amazon despite increasing competition. With our service portfolio focused exclusively on this marketplace, expert knowledge and a lot of passion, we are happy to accompany you on your way to more success on this special channel.