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Amazon EBC & A+ content – How product pages should look like

Until today, many companies fail to complement their product presentation on Amazon with free basic A+ content. The possibilities on the market place are limited and moreover, it’s hardly possible to present a brand identity through five bullet points only. Important company values, brand descriptions and slogans can’t be placed on the product page without pictures or enough space.

More sales and branding with Amazon A+ & EBC content

A+ content is an extension of the product description. It offers the chance to complement the brand presentation with detailed descriptions and visual appeals. It helps customers to understand a product and to get more information about it. However, the visual appearance of this page is at least as important as the content, if not even more important. All in all, an appealing product description does not only explain a product with all its specials, qualities and benefits, it also offers customers an aesthetic overall picture. All of that a simple product page cannot fulfill. Besides all these advantages, A+ users are able to present their brand image in its diversity. A+ Content can increase your conversion rate and generates, according to Amazon, up to 10 % more sales.

Free of charge

Meanwhile basic A+ content is free of charge. Enhancing your product pages with additional information and explanations, is mostly worth it.

10,81% Uplift

A+ and EBC pages provide useful content about the product. This is a major reason why A+ content can increase the sales quantity of a product by average 10,81 %.

Brand image

In order to distinguish from the huge mass of providers, the communication of your brand and USPs gets more and more important. An aesthetic overall picture boosts the perception of your brand.